Fave Drugstore Beauty Products

Fave Drugstore Beauty Products

Hey girl (or guy) hey! 

So aside from making snarky ass comments, I've found that I also have a knack for finding and spending money on beauty products. I have a lot of high end and low end, so here's a post of all my favorite drugstore items! These include makeup AND skincare products. 



Totally amazing. Dries in two seconds. I like mixing this with my high end foundations to increase their oil control abilities.


Heavy duty as hell. It's good for covering dark circles, tattoos, regret...you name it! Can crease and get cakey if it isn't set immediately.


A perfect dupe for the NARS Creamy Radiant concealer! 


Keeps my face matte, and smooth unless I have dry patches...then anything that goes on top of it looks super patchy too. Wah-wah.


Pure amazing.


Stole this from Gail one day, and it took me from wearing full coverage makeup for hiding acne, to wearing only BB cream in about two weeks. 


Been using this since I was in Jr. High and always will. When I think my face is clean, I put some on a cotton pad and swipe it across my face to get wherever escaped me.


Perfect spot treatment! Dries like toothpaste.  


Removes pretty much everything, even my heavy duty foundation and waterproof mascara. Usually leaves me looking barefaced, but with a little oily residue. 


Perfect for going after the micellar water and getting any residue or stuff that was left behind. 


I love to bake with this, and I add it to a super yellow lose powder to lighten it for setting foundation. It smells like someone's cool abuela. 


Also stole this from Gail. It coats my lashes well, but kind of is a struggle to remove.

Don't Feel Bad

Don't Feel Bad