Tiger Mom Motivation, Protection & Success Oil

Tiger Mom Motivation, Protection & Success Oil

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*sentimental product origin story ahead*😂 In honor of my Uma (what I call my biological mother) I present to y’all, my “Tiger Mom” Oil 🐯 🇻🇳⁣

Many of you guys know I am adopted! When I was born, my birth mother walked me to an orphanage to give me a better life-a real life. At 7 months old, baby Teej moved to the United States (a full and legal citizen, for the racist ass people wondering). In this life, I have not had a relationship with my birth parents-aside from only my mother’s name on my birth certificate.⁣

Through my path and a very profound reading with @brittany_morgan , I learned she had actually passed-in a violent and tragic way-about two years after my birth. This caused an older brother of mine to be adopted two years after me. My spiritual journey has brought the relationship with my birth mother that I wouldn’t have been able to have, were she still alive. ⁣

I’ve worked with her to help her spiritual form heal, and she’s helped me along this journey as a spiritual teacher and a nurturing maternal presence. In giving me up, she gave me the chance at a better life-and a safer one from my birth father. She was a tiger mom: protecting me, and paving the way for my success. She motivates me to do my best so her sacrifice wasn’t in vain-plus she’s a typical Asian mom. And for those who know me, you won’t be surprised to know she is INTENSE, and EXTRA. Her presence is intimidating, stern, and still tender and loving. Oof and does sis LOVE a dramatic aesthetic.⁣

This oil is my gift to her. This oil is my way of saying “thank you, mother for your wisdom and power.” Now, I want to share it with you all! 

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