"Presage Sun King" Abundance + Luck Attraction Oil

"Presage Sun King" Abundance + Luck Attraction Oil


Harnessing the power of the great Sun King of France (King Louis XIV aka Louis the Great), this oil brings in good fortune, luck, and abundance of whatever it is you desire-drawn to you like a magnet. Money? Friends? Love? Jobs? Whatever it is, this oil brings it into your life in the purest form, and breaks down whatever obstacles keep you from attaining your Versailles size dreams.  This oil is for anyone looking to conquer life, and the opportunities it gives us! ⁣

The “Sun King” oil is skin safe, vegan , all natural, and hand painted with Louis XIV’s personal sigil in magick paint(plus it’s rose gold, hello). Anoint candles with it; add it to your bath; put it on jewelry to increase charisma and confidence; put it on your favorite piece of jewelry to increase tips at work; work it into your lotion to SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A MF DIAMOND. The uses are as endless as the hall of mirrors, and as limitless as King Louis’ ego. ⁣

Scent: spicy, nutty, with hints of clove, cinnamon, and peach

+contains nuts

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