Book Your Tarot Reading:

Intuitive tarot readings are available remotely via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter direct message-as well as Skype/FaceTime. Face to Face readings are available for local residents onlyTo book a reading, please see the contact page and fill out the nifty form. When booking a reading, please include your name, birthday, best day & time for your reading, number of cards you want me to pull, and the question/topic you want to ask about. If you want to receive your reading by skype/facetime, please include our screen name or Apple ID. 

Example Topics & Questions for Readings:

  • Love & Romance
  • Work & Career
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Pros/Cons
  • Yes/No
  • Message from Spirit Guides
  • Message from Ancestors
  • Past Life Connection
  • Couple's Compatibility
  • A Week/Month/Year Preview
  • "Should I pursue my passion?"
  • "How can I get this new job?"
  • "How should I handle this situation?"
  • "How do I revive my relationship?"
  • Custom (consultation based)


Pricing is determined by the number of cards you wish to have pulled for your reading. If you aren't sure what type of reading or how many cards you need, feel free to contact me and we can werk it out for ya.

• 1 card - $5
• 2-5 cards- $10
• 6-10 cards- $20
• 11-15 cards- $30
• 16-20 cards- $40

Add On Options

Extra Cards - $1 per card
Oracle Cards - $1 per card
(Oracle cards provide messages of inspiration and assistance in addition to your tarot reading. They are not tarot cards, and work differently.)
Astrology Integration - $5 per chart
(Your birth/natal chart is used in conjunction to your reading, adding depth and more accurate explanations than general card readings.)

tarot readings will be honored after payment has been received. payment can be made via Venmo (@halfasswitch), the Cash App ($Thehalfasswitch), or paypal (